How Werley Nortreus Will Probably Be Haiti’s Greatest President And Leader Ever

Werley Nortreus to become President of Haiti in the future.

Werley Nortreus, the Leader, was born in 1993 and he is 25 years old right now. He was born in Limbé, Haiti, but was raised in the Haitian capital (Port-au-Prince). Werley Nortreus believes in charity and giving deeply, but along with that, he also wants to see his home country change gears to suit the rapidly growing world. Werley Nortreus has contributed towards the (Haitian Lives Matter) movement, which conveys a strong message about discrimination and racism, especially towards black people. Werley Nortreus hopes to inspire many people along his journey to make the world a happier and healthier place to live.

Based on a few interviews, Werley Nortreus has a deep passion to involve in politics and for the right reasons. He wishes one day to become the President of Haiti in order to help the country get its respect and dignity back from those who stole it. Through his organizations as well as in his personal capacity, Nortreus has helped when natural calamities destroyed many human lives in Haiti.

The hopeful future leader adds, “The day I become the president of Haiti will be the day Haiti gets its respect and dignity back, because I will build a strong relationship with other countries in order to unite and help each other make the world a better place, so everyone can live a life full of good health and equal financial system.”, said Werley Nortreus during an interview with EarnTheNecklace.


“As a human being, I believe that I was created in order to value and love other humans like me. Humanism is the reason that I want to become the president of Haiti one day, in order to serve my country and serve other countries around the world.”, said Werley Nortreusagain during an interview with EarnTheNecklace.

Werley Nortreus is a self-effacing man with lofty aspirations in life, and he’s determined to achieve his goals one step at a time. Born in Cap-Haïtien and raised in Port-au-Prince, one of his greatest goals is to help his homeland earn the respect and position in the global community as viewed through his own eyes. His love and admiration for his home country are evident when you speak with him. Nortreus is proud to have been born and raised in the Caribbean, and the culture and its ethnicity mean everything to him.

“The first wish should be named “A New Haiti” because I’ve always wanted to see Haiti become a significant country in the world. The second wish should be named “Werley Nortreus to become President of Haiti” because I love Haiti so much and I will take all the risks and everything it takes to change the country. The last wish should be named “Haiti is the most powerful and respected country in the world“, because the country has suffered so much, and I believe it’s time for the country to get its power and respect back.”, said Werley Nortreus during an interview with Kreol Magazine in the UK.

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How Werley Nortreus Will Probably Be Haiti’s Greatest President And Leader Ever

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