Gingermon’s “One Track Mind” For The Winter Grind

A song that’s a perfect fit for this kind of weather.

OneTrackMind300.jpgOkay, so we’ll right smack-dab in the middle of winter. Last week the Midwest got hit with a polar vortex that was so cold a DJ friend of mine working at a radio station in Minneapolis told me they were running public service announces on-air warning the locals to stay inside because extended exposure to the subzero temperatures outside could result in their eyeballs freezing. Now baby, that’s cold! And regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil, that grouchy groundhog who allegedly can predict the length of winter says, human weather forecasters are telling us that Jack Frost is far from done with us this year. 

So when I receive an EPK from one of my favorite press agents who knows her stuff and tells me that the artist’s record she’s plugging has a song on it that’s a perfect fit for this kind of weather I go straight to the audio fils. I click on “One Track Mind” from the “Baked to Perfection” (Midwest Coast Records) album by Gingermon and it begins to play from my desktop speakers. Allow me to share his lyrics with you:

Empty feelings
Can’t see the light out my door – noooo
Seem like the sun won’t shine no more
It’s just another winter’s day
Dreaming of places so far away
I’ve got a one track mind for the summertime
I’ve got a one track mind for the summertime yeahhhh
Gray skies far as the eye can see
They never gonna get the best of me
I’ve got a one track mind for the summertime
One track mind

Empty feeling!
Sunshine is calling me a smile upon her face
There’s nowhere I’d rather be it’s a special time an place
Smiles all around
Sometime in the sun
I’m gonna stay here somehow
I gotta one track mind and they never gonna stop me now….Yeahhhh
I see the light out my door
Seem like it will shine some more…some more
It’s just another’s summer’s day
Living in places so far away
I got a one track mind for the summertime yeah
A one track mind

 Gingermon, a Caucasian Irish American redheaded reggae artist who lives in Ohio (oy vey…) manages to nail exactly what most of us are feeling this cold, blustery winter. And he’s not just a one trick pony. There are a lot of other cool tracks on “Baked To Perfection”, but “One Track Mind” spoke to me in a way that I must admit lifted me up and out of my seasonal affective disorder (full disclosure: I had to Google the term “winter depression” to come up with that little fifty-cent chestnut). Thanks for the bump, Gingermon!

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Gingermon’s “One Track Mind” For The Winter Grind

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